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PTFE Sheets PTFE Tube PTFE Tape
◆ PTFE Sheets ◆
PTFE boards, cut sheets, PTFE glass fiber cloth, and soft PTFE:
Since PTFE is abrasion resistant, durable to reagents, insulating, has a low friction coefficient and other properties, flat  boards and cut sheets made from PTFE can be widely applied as pads for boards, electric insulation materials, anti-stick scraping, mechanical components, etc.
《Ⅰ》Physical Properties  
PTFE has very strong C-F bonding and high molecular weights. These characteristics enable the substance to have the following excellent properties:
‧ Broad using temperature range: -200 ℃ ~ +250 ℃
‧ Resistant to various corrosive chemicals
‧ Viscous resistance property
‧ Has an extremely low friction coefficient
‧ Non-flammable
‧ Excellent electrical properties (does not change with frequency and temperature variations)
‧ Excellent mechanical properties, durable against vibration ad highly elastic
‧ No aging issues
‧ Resistant against water vapor and UV rays
‧ Non toxic
《Ⅱ》Specification Table  
PTFE sheet (4F) Single-side PTFE Treatment

PTFE Cloth Tape


0.20mm*1.2M*20M #905
0.10mm(T)*300mm(W)*50M(L) 0.25mm *1.2M*20M 0.08mm*15mm*10M
0.25mm*1.2M*20M 0.50mm *1.2M*20M 0.08mm*19mm*10M
0.30mm*1.2M*20M 1.00mm *1.2M*20M 0.08mm*25mm*10M
0.40mm*1.2M*20M 1.50 mm *1.2M*20M #973
0.50mm*1.2M*20M 2.00mm *1.2M*20M 0.13mm*15mm*10M
0.8mm*1.2M*20M 3.00mm *1.2M*20M 0.13mm*19mm*10M
1mm*1.2M*20M 0.20mm*0.6M*40M 0.13mm*25mm*10M
1.5mm*1.2M*20M 0.25mm*0.6M*40M 0.13mm*50mm*10M
2mm*1.2M*20M 0.50mm*0.6M*40M #970
2.5mm*1.2M*20M 1.00mm*0.6M*40M 0.08mm*1M*30M
3mm*1.2M*20M   0.10mm*300mm*10M
4mm*1.2M*1.2M   0.10mm*1M*10M
5mm*1.2M*1.2M   0.13mm*300mm*10M
6mm*1.2M*1.2M Special PTFE abrasion resistant boards 0.13mm*1M*10M
8mm*1.2M*1.2M 0.8mm*30mm*30M 0.15mm*1M*10M
10mm*1.2M*1.2M 1.2mm*30mm*30M 0.18mm*1M*10M
12mm*1.2M*1.2M 1.6mm*30mm*30M 0.25mm*1M*10M
15mm*1.2M*1.2M 2.0mm*30mm*30M  



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